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September 26, 2008 at 12:45 | Posted in website | 1 Comment
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The maintenance break came and went. Some of you might hace noticed some odd functionality for a while after the break, sorry about that.

After that we had an issue with the dns, you most probably noted that on Friday.

But now the main site is coming from the new hardware, that is the http://www.maemo.org pages.

However downloads, planet and wiki are still slow. Meaning that they are all on the old hardware. There is an issue with load balancing, https negotiation and separate domain names. Sigh. That issue needs to be addressed to get everything on the new hardware. And preferably fast, as Downloads is one of the key parts of the site.

I also have noticed that viewing the pages with https (logged in) is significantly slower than with bare http (not logged in). I think there should be a difference, but not one I can see and feel. Need to look for the reason to that too, might be just my slow laptop.

So the next step is to get downloads (and planet) to the new hardware. Let’s see how that works out. No promises on schedule, but I hope soon.

Other things that are on the map are possibly updating Gforge (the next release would have a git plug-in, but we are running a modified version which makes upgrading more difficult), then the Midgard upgrade (when the next release will be ready and out, so upgrade might be sometime during the winter) and moving more of the services to new hardware.

And for these future tasks I need feedback. What services should be moved first? I.e. which ones are most in need of a boost? Downloads is already first in line.


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