Updates: MADDE, SDK and VMWare Images

May 28, 2010 at 13:06 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

After the major update of the device software to PR 1.2, you can update your development environment today as well. Three updates for you:


There is a new version of the technical preview of MADDE available, so that you can cross-compile easily your Qt and C/C++ application on OS X, Linux or Windows. The update is based on PR 1.2 and contains as well the QtMobility API’s. Now you can develop your application based on QtMobility, upload it to extras and the libraries will be installed automatically on every PR 1.2 device. The description, what MADDE is, how to use it with QtCreator and more you will find in the wiki.

Platform SDK

A new update of the platform SDK is available for download. Everything around that you will find in the installation instructions. If you are interested in the changes to the last release, have a look into the release notes. A major update compared to the release is, that it contains the QtMobility libraries.

VMWare images

Further there are new VMWare images available for download, which contain the new Platform SDK and Eclipse, configured with the plugin for Maemo development.



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  1. […] uma resenha do Meego 1.0, desta vez do Ars. A loja de aplicativos do OpenPandora está no ar. Um monte de atualizações pós-PR 1.2 para os desenvolvedores em […]

  2. hmm, I had problems getting my own VirtualBox Karmic and Lucid guests working with Xephyr so i thought i’d download the VM’s linked to here. I tried the Desktop VM image in VWare Server 2.0.2 and Esbox does not start, just a blank messagebox after the statusbar on preceding splash screen had completed most of it’s way across the screen.

    Also, no desktop links to Xephyr, and the shell script installed as part of the SDK on my guests was also missing. I also tried running Xephyr with several different arguments, and just got several different errors. I was hoping the VM images would just work and produce the same results as if i’d installed the SDK, apparently not.

    I really wish getting setup for developing on Maemo was a bit easier, as this will just be a barrier to entry.

  3. So whats the root pass for it anyways?
    Does it have everything preinstalled for compiling apps for N900?

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