New Maemo 5 SDK release 5 available

March 22, 2010 at 15:31 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Nokia has just released the Maemo 5 SDK 1.2 available here.  The release contains many different additions/deletions/updates and features the Qt4.6 library.  It also contains package updates required for software designed for the next Maemo product software update coming out soon.

The release notes are available here.



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  1. Will there be a VM image released of this SDK? I’m looking at some Maemo involvement in and will need to have a way of the attendees getting up & running with a Maemo development environment quickly.

    • Andrew,

      I would go with MADDE. That is much faster to set up and get coding on. It will also be updated to include Qt 4.6 soon.

      • Yeah, that’d be great except for two things:

        1) They’re not going to have devices and so being able to run a device environment on their laptops would be useful. I don’t *think* this can be done with MADDE yet, can it?

        2) One of the projects will be Hermes, which is Gtk+ and Python based. So cross-compilation isn’t really necessary, but they will want to be able to open the Contacts app etc.

        However, if MADDE still fits the bill, w00t!

  2. For other readers, there are screenshots from the SDK here:

    A full changelog is being maintained in the wiki:

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