servers move tomorrow 08:00 UTC ->

January 14, 2010 at 15:20 | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

A request to DNS management has been sent to start pointing to the new infrastructure tomorrow at 8:00 UTC and it was acknowledged and scheduled.

After the change there is about a 6-24 hour period in which the DNS change propagates all over the world.

To do things in a sensible way and to minimise downtime, the old site will go to read only (off-line for garage) mode tomorrow morning. Then the last changes are synced over to the new site and the new site will then be opened to public.

When you see the new site naturally depends on the DNS propagation speed, but 3-12 hours seems to be normal based on the smaller moves done earlier.

Things you will experience are:

  • Read only on the site before and during the move
  • Garage will show a ‘we are moving page’
  • No wiki editing during the move
  • No git and svn work during the move

Things you might experience are:

  • Some data loss is possible, but we’ll try to avoid it
  • The site will look strange for a while as the changes take place and the static content is pointing wrong for a while

Things you should not have problems with:

  • Talk will be open to public all the time, it is on separate hardware and not moving
  • Bugs moved last week, it’s there waiting for the other services
  • Mailing lists moved to the new hardware some weeks back

After the DNS change propagates the services will start appearing normally again, and naturally there will be notices posted.

When everything is done, please be patient with the service, and open bugs on anything that looks odd or doesn’t work. Raising issues on this post, the community mailing list and on talk will also help. But bugs are a sure way to make an issue known (also remember that more bugs is more work for Andre, so please check for duplicates before opening).

And then a huge thanks to the people who have been hard at work throughout the move! Ferenc and Niels have done the bulk of the work. Ed, Jeremiah, Eero and Bergie pitched in. Much appreciated everyone! Naturally not forgetting the people at the new ISP, it was a crash course into the infra needs of for them 🙂

So tomorrow we’ll see how the site moves!



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  1. It’s probably too late now, but next time you could temporarily lower the TTLs of the relevant DNS RRs a few days in advance to minimise the propagation delay.

    • Hi Lucas,

      Yes a bit late, but we really weren’t sure of the exact date until very recently.
      Also we have the luxury of using the Nokia DNS service for the changes, and I don’t know how they would take the request.

      But for next time (hopefully that isn’t soon) it would be worth looking at.

      • According to dig / nslookup, Servers are still down. Any estimate when the repositories are available again?

  2. […] sexta-feira os servidores do iam ser movidos para outro lugar. E nessa mudança, claro, problemas […]

  3. hi i seem to have lost maemo om apps directory says failed any ideas thanks

  4. i can not make update for appliction manager for nokia n900.
    always give me massage update not complete due page erro plz help me urgent.

  5. The repositories are being worked. All that is now missing is a DNS name change. That is being implemented right now.

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