Video: Maemo 5 alpha on BeagleBoard

March 31, 2009 at 12:24 | Posted in hardware, sdk | 6 Comments
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Here’s a quick video I put together while learning to use the video cam (you’ll notice that pretty soon) 🙂 This is just a basic demonstration of how the Maemo 5 alpha SDK runs on the BeagleBoard. Sorry about the video quality, I’ll make a better one from the eventual Maemo 5 Beta release.. promise!

Check out the Maemo on BeagleBoard site for more information.





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  1. Thanks for that. Looking forward to browsing speed tests in particular!

  2. Again, thanks to my namesake Juha Kallioinen for this cool video. (Thanks in advance to anyone for solving the bug #4203 in… 😉

  3. @Juha Tukkinen, sorry about that once again. Blogs with multiple authors aren’t the norm, which makes things harder. Let’s see what can be done.

    Just take the karma as a compliment 🙂

  4. Thanks Tero for fixing the issue 😉 Karma to the one who deserves it!

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