Maemo 5 Alpha rootstraps now available in SDK+

March 5, 2009 at 15:01 | Posted in tools | 2 Comments

Maemo 5 Alpha SDK (also known as Fremantle Alpha SDK) was released in on monday. We are happy to announce that the Maemo 5 Alpha rootstraps are now also available for Maemo SDK+ development environment.

Those developers who are already using SDK+ to compile their source code can now start porting their code also to Fremantle without moving back to Scratchbox-1.

If you have installed SDK+ already to your machine you should run the command “$ maemo-sdk reload catalogue” to get the Maemo 5 Alpha rootstraps visible to your SDK+ rootstrap menu. To install Maemo 5 Alpha rootstraps just say “$ maemo-sdk install rootstrap” and a menu is provided to you where you can selected the rootstrap you want to start using. Maemo 5 Alpha rootstraps that are made availabe¬† are:¬† “fremantle5.0alpha_armel” and “fremantle5.0alpha_i386”.

Maemo SDK+ project provides alternative cross-compiling environment for Maemo developers. SDK+ is based on Scratchbox-2 instead of Scratchbox-1. To learn more about the SDK+ itself,  how to use it and how to do software development in this environment please follow the link below.

More information about SDK+:

More information about Maemo 5 Alpha SDK:

Happy hacking !

– SDK+ team


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  1. There’re people willing to help with x86_64 support, but a bit of a steer is needed on #2632:

  2. What about Maemo 5 SDK final?

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