maemo SDK+ Beta-2.5 released

November 18, 2008 at 14:26 | Posted in tools | 8 Comments

We are happy to report that the maemo SDK+ Beta-2.5 is released. Click yourself to to learn more how to develop maemo applications without Scratchbox-1.

Maemo SDK+ is an alternative (and currently unofficial) way to develop software for Nokia Internet Tablets.

This release has lots of bug fixes and much better support for X86 architecture than the previous release. We also introduced  new command line tool called “maemo-sdk” that acts as a wrapper to the multitude of services the SDK+ offers. We now recommend using this new maemo-sdk command line tool for all SDK+ related maintenance work (like installing rootstraps, tools, compilers, starting the Hildon UI etc) instead of using the separate maemo scripts and tools. This tools frees the developer from doing many mundane daily tasks manually. It also takes care of the many configuration and initialization steps that previously you had to do manually.

After releasing the previous beta we were contacted by many  people who requested wider distro support than just Ubuntu Hardy so this release is available for the following distros:

– Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10

– Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04

– Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon 7.10

– Debian Lenny

– Debian Etch / i386.

The new versions of core packages are: maemo-sdk core package, Scratchbox2 version, Q-Emu 0.9.1-4 (SB2 version with patches), Libtool 1.5.26, sbrsh 7.6, and Anjuta IDE plugin 0.4.2.

For those who are currently using beta-2 we recommend to upgrade to beta-2.5 version.

Happy Hacking !

-the maemo SDK+ team



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  1. No Fedora? 😦

  2. Does it work fine with 64-bit distros?

  3. Just my luck!

    I was started downloading the last Maemo upgrade.. about two hours ago, and it’s been the slowest download *ever*. Now I have less than two MB to go, but app manager craps out after every few hundred slow KB to complain “Unable to update OS2008 feature upgrade. Update file corrupted.”

    One would think that the “connecting people” corp would also manage to “connect computers”.

    I tried rebooting to reset the download, but it still picks up from the broken download like a bad virus. Now I’m just restarting the “Update” after every new “Unable to update OS2008 feature upgrade. Update file corrupted.” error.

    At least your SDK download is meant for real computers with real application managers.

    Sorry for the interruption. (no pun intended!)

  4. @Tami: Which part of the world (country or state) are you downloading from?
    The official content from Nokia (like OS upgrades) should be mirrored around the world. To improve the service I would like to know where it is slow.

  5. Sorry, no 64 bit support yet. Even if you would recompile everything yourself from sources it does not run properly. However, this 64bit support is in our radar and eventually we want to support also 64bit distros.

    -Mika Luostarinen

  6. @ tekojo: I am currently in Asia (Hong Kong) with otherwise very fast connection. Download speed has been poor in Europe as well in the past after new announcements, but this time it was creepily crawly and forcing me to shepherd the little tablet way past my bedtime.

    I went searching for Maemo news and saw that you guys were probably sucking the life out of my download with your SDK announcement.

    I don’t know if the tablets are even being sold and supported in Asia so maybe my connection defaulted to some strained server in Helsinki?

    The good news is that despite the dozens of download failures the little app manager was indeed smart enough to resume the download correctly and in the end the upgrade installed just fine. Keep them upgrades coming!

    And thanks for your interest.

  7. Any suggestions for those of us usign Ubuntu 8.10 64 bit? Maybe any vmware version ported?

  8. @Tami: Ok, I’ll look into it. HK should be close enough from a network point of view. It could be the SDK release.
    But good to hear that the download went well in the end 🙂

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