What is maemo?

October 11, 2007 at 17:47 | Posted in documentation | 6 Comments

Find out yourself by reading the very recently published maemo 4 Quick Start Guide! This document strives to give an overall picture of the maemo platform to application developers in about 30 pages. Feedback is very welcome, drop a line at documentation@maemo.org or post a comment here.

– jtukkine



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  1. Ubuntu is x86-only? (section 3.4.1)

    c.f. the Ubuntu download page:

    that offers a SPARC edition as well. I think it’s the first Linux distribution to support the multi-core Niagara CPU.

  2. hircus: thank you for this information, I have to admit that at least I was not aware of the SPARC edition of Ubuntu!

  3. Thanx a lot – this seems to cover most of the key issues when starting to develop for maemo.

    However, I’d like to see some of these points in there as well (if possible):

    * A few “dummy” (American style) examples/tutorials, covering different libs (gfx, sound, bt, …)
    * A “How to do easy maemo application development in Python if you don’t need to do (hard)core style (low level) software ;-)” (also covering the existing ported libs, possibly a few pygame examples, pybluez, etc.) – this should also get less experienced h4x0r5 to join.
    * Performance tips (e.g. what not to use at the same time/interaction matrix)
    * How to package applications for easy deployment (preferably covering C AND Python)

    – Lars 🙂

  4. Very nice work! I found a typo on page 22, section 8.2.1: “Scrathbox”.

  5. Lars: thanks for the comments. These points are currently indeed only partially covered in the existing how-to documents. Python is in its way to become fully supported (see our roadmap). The quick start guide deliberately left out all example code, otherwise it would have grown too big. However, your items definitely will be thought through again in the near future! 🙂

  6. I have to admit I’m running x64 Kubuntu. It would be damn great if Maemo development is is not bound to dumb and old i386 platform.Actually N8x0 is ARM devices anyway.Why should I restrict myself to ancient i386 32-bit platform then?It will die in few years anyway, desktop’s future is 64 bit since even today desktops are begin to hit 2^32 aka 4Gb limits.And there is x64 versions of Ubuntu\Debian.Linux was always pretty powerful in it’s platform independence.So why there is no simple way to develop for Maemo on x64 systems then?

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